Yeern 101 Lyrics – ScHoolboy Q

Yeern 101 Lyrics by ScHoolboy Q is latest English song from the album Blue Lips. Lyrics of this song is written by ScHoolboy Q & Cardo while Music is produced by Cardo, J.LBS, Johnny Juliano & Yung Exclusive.

Yeern 101 Lyrics - ScHoolboy Q

Yeern 101 Lyrics – ScHoolboy Q

[1st Verse]
Like damn wap, how get a b!tch like yeern
I’ma drop top n!gga ’cause the sun won’t burn
Wanna live like guap but the stripes ain’t earned
I’ma get it right now, ain’t waitin’ no turn

Got a brand new house, tryna avoid her
‘Bout six point somethin’ in the field like church
Heard his hood got whacked, and the set went turn
Got a four-eight-eight in the glide like Curt

I’ve been livin’ off golf for the last few deals
When the night check came and I still got chills
Hit a 2K lick and I ain’t even go broke
Gotta boss LA, now I’m smellin’ like goat

Call me Ice Cube baby, when they sit on my chain
Heard a lame a$$ n!gga tryna play with my name
On the twenty-three tour and I’m goin’ no brain
Goin’ dumb with these hundreds, now my thumb got stained

I’m a n!gga out here, everything come free
I ain’t never met God, but I bet he know me
Put your money in the set a n!gga dyin’ in the streets
Alley hoopinh, now he ridin’ on fleek

Got a porch light skin and the ceilin’ got peeled
I was twenty plus year when this sh!t got real
Young black boy runnin’, got me out of that field
Made a livin’ off gang, you should get it on film

I ain’t never your kind, late but I’m really on time
Girl, what you put in your mind, I ain’t givin’ you a sign
Truth, but that pu$$y ain’t mine, hurt, but I made it out fine
Still in my prime, broke n!gga, really out lyin’

Talk like he Tony Hawk, grind throwin’ twenty on a nine
N!gga how you live with no spine? Broke n!gga better off dyin’
Man, you n!ggas got nerve, broke a$$, need to get a bird
F*ck it, I’ma get it off first, from the way you ain’t surf

You b!tch n!ggas lookin’ all hurt, funny ’til your ego got nerfed
Boy done made it all worse, woke up, lookin’ like “Word?”
One-fifty layout my shirts, twenty layout my teeth
Boy, I make a M in my sleep, everything I want in my reach

I’ma run it off tops, wonder where I’ve been? I’ve been pullin’ off lots
Fo’-fifty-four, I’ma keep it on stock
Cognac bezel with the ticker on rocks
Figg side n!gga tell me what I ain’t got

Made it right now where I got it back then
Number one stunner with the love of my
Raised by the gang with a mill’ like Philly
With the watch, two-fifty and a b!tch so- (Blue)

Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, uh
Yeah, uh

[2nd Verse]
When the door got closed, I ain’t feel too bad
I’ma run mine up, I’ma have some stashed
Now you in a broad purse when you goin’ outside
Now you wanna couch surf and you keep a little rat

N!gga livin’ out his backpack, need to get it back
Got a gray double R and it need both lanes
Got a dime to his name, but he all gang-gang
But he all on my d!ck, and I find that strange

Keep playin’ with the fire, but his a$$ get burned
Bet your boy got split when the light got turned
Got his head all cracked, but the boy won’t learn
Big racked up shawty when the block gets served

N!ggas always sorry when the cap don’t work
Got the butterfly doors and they fly like bird
And I love my b!tch, but I ain’t them nerd
Like damn wop, how get a b!tch like yeern

Song Name: Yeern 101
Singer:ScHoolboy Q
Lyrics:ScHoolboy Q & Cardo
Produced By:Cardo, J.LBS, Johnny Juliano & Yung Exclusive
Label: ScHoolboy Q VEVO
Release Date: 15 February 2024

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