1093 Lyrics – Yeat | 2093

1093 Lyrics by Yeat is latest English song from the album 2093. Lyrics of this song is written by Yeat & ​star boy while Music is also produced by Yeat & ​star boy.

1093 Lyrics - Yeat

1093 Lyrics – Yeat

Are you in this sh!t for life? All of ya
I backstab you with a f*ckin’ knife, all of ya
Don’t it just feel right?
And I realize, don’t you just feel good? All of ya

Better than you know you should
Even if it’s for the night
You wish you could pause time
And live this section your whole life

You know that feelin’ that you say you hate
Everything great I push away
Ask a alien to show it away
And I’m not even from this Earth, I can’t stay

Yeah, I wish I can stay
I wish I can stay
I knew someone so brave
I can take it away

It’s all inside of my head
But it’s all out of my control
And it’s something that I feel my soul saying
So I’ma let it take me over board, if ya

Try to tell me somethin’ I didn’t like, if ya
Tell me there’s somethin’ that I didn’t like, if ya
Keep on tellin’ me a f*ckin’ lie, if ya
I’ma wish the motherf*cker had died, if ya

Keep on playin’ with my f*cking time, if ya
Chasin’ that warm feelin’ inside of ya
Always playin’ both sides, I’m f*ckin’ tired of ya
You a schizophrenic, I realized it’s nine of ya

I realize there’s nine of ya
And I realize you couldn’t handle none of this sh!t
So I’ma give you it anyway
F*ck what the critics said, f*ck what ya b!tch said

Jealous h0es like Tuesday
I’ma take you to the end of ’em
Take you to the end
Push you to the edge

You ain’t need no way to Hell
Go and try to live like this
To i’m take it to the end
But I can’t be afraid
Tryna show you the other way
That’s the way of them, man

Song Name: 1093
Lyrics:Star Boy & Yeat
Produced By:Star Boy & Yeat
Label: Yeat Music
Release Date: 16 February 2024

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