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Eternal Sunshine is latest English album by Ariana Grande. Lyrics of this album’s songs is written Ariana Grande, ILYA & Max Martin while Music is also produced by Ariana Grande, ILYA & Max Martin.

Eternal Sunshine Album Tracklist & Lyrics - Taylor Swift

Eternal Sunshine Album Tracklist & Lyrics

1. ​Intro (End Of The World) Lyrics
2. Bye Lyrics
3. Don’t Wanna Break Up Again Lyrics
4. Saturn Return Interlude Lyrics
5. Eternal Sunshine Lyrics
6. Supernatural Lyrics
7. True Story Lyrics
8. The Boy Is Mine Lyrics
9. Yes, And? Lyrics
10. We Can’t Be Friends (Wait For Your Love) Lyrics
11. I Wish I Hated You Lyrics
12. Imperfect For You Lyrics
13. ​Ordinary Things Lyrics (ft. Marjorie Grande)

Eternal Sunshine is Ariana Grande‘s 7th studio album, this album has a single volume series which will be released on 8th March 2024.

Eternal Sunshine has a total of 13 tracks, while one track “yes, and?” is already released which is trending these days. 12 other songs are yet to be released.

If you want lyrics of all the songs of this album then comment down below, I’ll write for you!

Which song is most popular in Eternal Sunshine album?

There is only 1 song is released yet from the album, yes, and? and it is the most popular track till now. Yes, and? song is released on 12 January 2024.

How many artists are featuring in this album?

Currently there is no information that any artist is featuring in the songs from this album. However, I will share update once the album is released.

Who Produced the songs in this album?

Ariana Grande, ILYA & Max Martin produced songs of Eternal Sunshine album.

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