Strong Version Lyrics – Tom MacDonald

Strong Version Lyrics by Tom MacDonald is latest English song. Lyrics of this song is written by Tom MacDonald & Nova Rockafeller and Music is produced by Tom MacDonald.

Strong Version Lyrics - Tom MacDonald

Strong Version Lyrics – Tom MacDonald

A couple hundred thousand cigarette buds (cigarette buds)
A million beers or more, Woah
A couple dozen things I messed things up (messed things up)
But I’m movin’ on from before, Oh-oh

People don’t like me for things I have forgot
But I can’t pretend to be someone I’m not

I’ve been sober, I’ve been wasted
I spent most of my life in a dream
I’ve been sorry, been mistaken
I’ve been nothing, but how God made me

And I ain’t gonna hate myself no more
Baby I ain’t perfect, But maybe I’m workin’

Song Name: Strong Version
Singer:Tom MacDonald
Lyrics:Tom MacDonald & Nova Rockafeller
Produced By: Tom MacDonald
Label: Tom MacDonald
Release Date: 17 December 2023

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